Probably the largest golden age collection we have ever purchased!

I'm proud to announce our largest Golden Age comic collection purchase ever. As you can see from the pictures this was a very large and extensive collection of Platinum and Golden Age comics. There were large selections of Atlas, DC Superhero and Funnies, New Funnies, Famous Funnies, Pre 1945 Fox Feature, Captain Marvel Fawcetts, Ace Comics, Dell Funnies from the early 40's through to mid 50's, assorted westerns and war comics, late 40's / early 50's Harvey and Archie, Plastic Man and Police comics, military, Blue Bolt and King comics, a nice run of mid/high grade Smash comics, long runs of Mutt 'n Jeff, Bob Hope and the largest selection of Lev Gleeson comics you've probably ever seen. This is just what I can remember off the top of my head without having to go upstairs to the stores and make lists. We're still deciding how best to sell the collection. Obviously a large percentage will end up on the website but if you have particular wants lists in relation to any of the above items, please e mail it in to get first look in!


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